5 Things You Shouldn’t Share On Instagram

never post on instagram

Social media became an unavoidable part of our lives. Sharing photos and videos on Instagram is not only because ‘your family and friends will see it.’ You are now creating content that will represent your personality, brands, or everything else that you are doing.

That is why it is no longer advisable and vise to post everything that pops into your head. Your feed can easily turn into a chaotic place, without any order. Smart girls that are blogging have already learned that their Instagram feed represent who they are, and so they take good care of what they are posting. Here are the things bloggers would never post on their Instagram – so you should not as well.


Unauthorized Videos or Photos

Sharing someone’s else content on your personal Instagram feed is very tricky. Always contact a person before sharing their videos or photos. Also, be careful when you are filming something in your surrounding – if it is not allowed to take photos at work, just don’t do it. Simple as that!

Political Views that Are Uninformed

Expressing political views is more present on Twitter than on Instagram, but it spread like a fire. Therefore, if you want to post something political, then try to research that topic as much as you can. There is nothing worse than an uninformed political view. You can engage with a lot of different people, but is that the way you want to do it, through various comments and spams?


Personal and Emotional Cries For Help

The situation is following – you have just broken up with your partner, and you need to share it with the world. Any post is dedicated to him/her – you want them to feel bad for losing you. However, you can easily get a reputation of a sad person, that post too much personal stuff out there on Instagram. That is why, you should always think twice, at least 24 hours before finally deciding you want to share it with the world.

Kids That Aren’t Yours

Every parent has rights to post their baby’s photos on Facebook or Instagram. However, in the era of social media, personally, I don’t consider that as a good idea. If you are only a friend of a family with kids and you want to post it on your feed, you shouldn’t do it without permission. Along with the fact it is illegal, it can also fill in your feed with unnecessary comments under the photo.


After Gym or Drunk Photos

You won’t get any kind of support if you post that dead-after-gym photo. It can only ruin your perfectly aesthetic feed. You are not looking good all sweat, so don’t even think about sharing it with the rest of the world. Another big no-no when it comes to sharing is a drunk photo. Instead of clicking on a share button, send it to your friends so you can laugh together. The next day, they will be your best support, along with a bottle of water.

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