5 Expert Tips for Instagram

1. Strategic Bio-Link and Take Advantage of #Hashtags

Usually, Instagram is for fun and spontaneous use but if you are about to develop marketing chain or be more professional while sharing your brand you have to be more of a thinker before posting. It is recommended to create a plan, goals to reach like some killer business companies that have the strong influence in Instagram like Starbucks, Nike, Addidas and etc and be always willing to plan the posts before posting. Even though it is about a small business, one-time project or else there is a great opportunity in developing a great business.

Instagram offers an additional option which helps you explore and find posts that are related to famous trending hashtags. Not only you can search for related hashtags or trending hashtags and posts, you can also use the ability that offers Instagram and if it is easier for you to search by emoji.

The important thing is not in the way you explore or expect to be explored but the way you show your brand through various tactics like through sharing with hashtags or similar posts and emojis or developing a fun way to be searched for. For example for some companies emojis make a lot of sense of sharing through but not always appropriate for almost every company.

2. Customized Link Shortener and Photos

When creating an Instagram business plan are important to know how much traffic causes their profile and how can they get to your website. Unfortunately, there is no precise analytics engine to track how many users have visited your website. There is a link that accurately monitors click rates and it is suitable for business purposes – bit.ly.


Be always careful with you Instagram feed because it measures your quality how good you display yourself through your photographs. The best way to get better profile is to be more dedicated in your photos, use high-quality photos and of course which are suitable for the kind of business that you are developing. Using digital cameras may solve the problem and also makes the marketing more effective. There are also several types of strategies how to get good at taking pictures, but when talking about marketing and developing business the best way to represent the company and yourself is to shoot square photos. You can use this strategy with the digital camera or smartphone because both have this option of taking photos.




3. Promoting partners and Influencing

Cross-promotion is a type of marketing promotion where the target lays along with promotion on one customer of one product of one related product. So this is a famous strategy most commonly used by marketers and business developers as they advise you to do the same if wanting to achieve a greater success. The main idea is to share as much as you can, tagging others or promoting other companies, products of services.

Influence is made by getting many followers and letting them know that you take care of them and daily reading their mail, ways of showing your dedication.

4. Videos and Photos

Some of the best ways to be more successful at marketing are to mix both photos and videos. The way to do that is to post videos as an addition to your photos.

5. Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads appear more recently than ever and it is a good way to target their audience. Sponsored ads appear on people’s timeline, through promotions or maybe celebrity sponsoring.

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