5 Cult French Beauty Products you Will Adore

There is just something special about France. Food, style, and beauty of this lovely country were always my inspiration. When it comes to fashion, French girls are impeccable. They have that effortless and chic style which is hard but possible to recreate. What about beauty? French girls say that they don’t follow trends when it comes to beauty products. They buy classics and stick to them if they are good for their skin. Here are some of the cult French beauty products that you have to try.


Avene is another cult French beauty brand that has really amazing products. Along with their other beauty products, there stands thermal spring water. You can love or hate these kinds of products, but let’s be honest here. If so many girls like this water, then you definitely have to try it. Whether you have itchy or sensitive skin, this water can do only good.

Few tips for Use: Spray your face and neck after a workout, hard work or long stroll.


When Rosie Huntington Whiteley says something is good, then you know what you need to do! Approved by many supermodels, makeup artists, and beauty enthusiasts, this mist is one of the best products I have personally tried. It has beautiful herb smell. Your skin will love that feeling. Especially in the summertime, when your skin can be bit icky.

Few Tips for Use: makeup artists suggest to use it before and after applying your makeup. Personally, I carry it in my bag, so it is always with me when I need a bit herb splash feeling on my skin.


If you had heard of Nuxe – famous French beauty company, then you probably have heard of their fantastic and very popular dry oil. It is multipurpose: for hair, body, and face. You can find this incredible product in almost every store in France. It smells incredibly fresh and light.

Few Tips for Use: Warm up a few drops between palms and put it on your face before moisturizer or foundation.  For hair, use it after washing, apply a few drops on your hair ends.



Some products are just a cult. One of these beauty products is Bioderma micellar water. It is soap-free and hypoallergenic, super fine for all skin types. My suggestion? Use it religiously! It removes your makeup entirely, without leaving your skin dry (best part). On the contrary, you can use it whenever you need a redo!

Few Tips for Use: use it as micellar water or toner. It hydrates your skin, so you don’t need to worry.



According to French women, this is THE lip balm you need to try. Dry air, cold weather, makeup and other outdoor conditions can severely damage your lips. It contains honey, different kinds of butter, and oils.

Few Tips For Use: use it before going to bed, or mix it with a spoon of brown sugar to get a fantastic home pilling.

Which are your favorite French beauty products? Tell me in the comment section below!

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