4 Tips to Take Perfect Instagram Pictures: Tips from Fashion Photographers and Bloggers

Everyone wants to post perfect pictures on their Instagram account. After all, if they click perfect pictures, then only their likes and followers will increase on Instagram. However, getting a perfect picture is not so easy.

The perfect pictures that you see on Instagram require a lot of editing and effort. Such types of pictures are usually posted by photographers, as they know how to fix an image with the help of editing. But, if you too want such perfect pictures, then you need to learn from celebrities.

We asked fashion famous photographers and bloggers for some tips on how to take Instagram perfect pictures. Have a look at some simple tricks given by photographers and bloggers to boost your Instagram game.

1. Do not take the picture through Instagram app

You should take the picture using the camera of your phone and not through the Instagram app. This is because this photo sharing app does not have similar functions like the camera of your phone, such as iPhone’s grid feature, zooming, etc. Such tools can help you to take a better picture.You can also make use of other photo clicking apps, like Rookie and VSCO Cam, which have advanced functions, such as white balance (for accurate colors in your pictures) and shutter speed controls. Moreover, an app, which is only for iPhones namely Camera+, can make your pictures look sharp and can also deal with shaky hands.

Plus, it also enables you to manage the exposure of your camera, so that you can control the lightness or darkness of your photos and successfully post them on the photo-sharing platform.

2. Composition is important

Make sure that your images are symmetrical, as they are more appealing than asymmetrical images. Most of the pictures are not entirely symmetrical. You should not put the subject of your picture in the middle as that can make the image look listless, without any direction or energy.

You should rather use the rule of thirds. This classic photography trick visualizes that the picture frame is evenly broken into three vertical and horizontal sections, along with the subject adjusted along those unreal lines, which in turn creates a well balanced frame. However, it is only a guideline and not a rule, as you can also sometimes keep the subject away from the center.

3. Edit yourself

Make sure that you edit your pictures, if you want to post perfect pictures on Instagram. You can use different apps to fix small details in your pictures, such as less pearly teeth, blemishes, flyaway hair, etc. You can use Facetune app, which can help you especially touch up your face.  However, this app is not free. If you want a free app, you can use Perfect365, YouCam Perfect, or any other free photo editing app.

4. Take lots of photos

When you take plenty of pictures, you have more chances of getting a perfect photograph. It is very rare that you can get a perfect picture on just the first click. So, take various snaps of anything you want to capture. You can take five atleast five shots for each picture. You will see that some of them are better than the others. And, then from those photos, you can post your favorite image on Instagram.

These fashion blogger and photographer-approved tips will surely help you to take perfect Instagram pictures every time. So, the next time you step in front of the lens, make sure to use these tips.

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