4 Things you Should not Do in your Instagram Selfies

Most of the Instagram users regularly post their pictures on this photo-sharing platform. Especially if you are a model, you would be one of those people who would post at least 2 to 3 photos on their Instagram account. And, with the trend of selfies, it is one of the most popular types of pictures that are posted on Instagram.

Although you would have heard a lot of tips for clicking selfies, today I will tell you what you should not do while taking or posting selfies on Instagram. And, these things we have learned from Instagram models only, through their awkward selfies that they posted on this photo-sharing site.

1. Do not crop body parts

Some people crop their own body parts or the body parts of whomsoever they are clicking their selfie with. They do this for different motives, such as they want to show a close-up picture, etc. However, cropping body parts in your selfies can make it look really odd as if you do not have that body part in real.

Thus, you should not cut body parts in your selfies, particularly if you are cutting one of them from a pair. This shifts the focus of the viewer from anything beautiful in the photo to your missing body part, which could be your leg, ear, hand, or any other part.

2. Do not post an unrecognizable photo of yours

When you click or post your selfie to Instagram, make sure that you or your friend is recognizable in it. After all, if viewers cannot even see your face or cannot recognize you, what’s the point of posting that selfie. You can get creative with camera crops, props, and filters, but ensure that you can be identified in the selfie.

3. Do not try odd camera angles

You should keep things simple, when taking a selfie. Although, we know that it is tempting to take a different type of photo with different angles of the camera. The end result is usually bad and strange. So, try to use the regular camera angles and click your selfie in a simple way.

Make sure that your body proportions are right in the picture. A camera angle can do a lot of things to your body proportions, such as it can make your stomach look fatter or your legs look shorter. So check out these things, when posting a selfie on Instagram.

4. Do not fake it

Make sure that your selfie is real and do not fake or act in it. For instance, if you have just woken up and decided to take a selfie, then it is fine. However, if you want to take a selfie showing your just-out-of-bed face in the middle of the day, when you are not even sleeping, then do not do so. The viewer can immediately see that you are faking it, so it is better to just keep it real.

These are the four things that you should not do in your Instagram selfies. So, keep these in mind and avoid them in order to make your selfies look beautiful as well as attractive.

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