4 Innovative Ideas to Recycle your High-End Outfits in 2020

If you are a fashionista and like to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, then it is most certain that you would often buy high-end outfits for yourself. Since some fashion styles change after a few months, you may see that your expensive apparel may become useless after some time, even when you have not worn them much.

This leaves you with lots of expensive attires that you do not want to wear now, just because they are out of fashion now. So, what can you do in such a case? Should you throw away your high-end outfits or keep wearing them and look very old-fashioned? None of these is an option; neither throwing the clothes, nor wearing them. What you can do is recycle those pricey jeans, tops, and dresses.

So, how can you do so? Have a look at 4 innovative ideas to repurpose your expensive clothes. 

1. Add some bling

You can add bling and shine to your expensive tops and dresses. It can be anywhere, such as on the collar or on the hem. You can make a silver glitter collar of your old-fashioned top and make it brand new. For this, you just need a boring old blouse and some craft supplies.

2. Revamp your jeans

Now you can make your ripped and frayed denim jeans look brand new and fashionable. You can make jean shorts out of your old jeans by cutting off the extra fabric. Then, you can embellish your shorts. Your worn-out jeans can also be turned into a nice beautiful denim rug. You can also make your old denim colorful and new by simply dying them. 

3. Use your old tee wisely 

If you have a nautical T-shirt, you can make it a tank top. You just have to make some easy snips and this will transform your top into a detailed and unique nautical tank top. If you do not want to make a tank top from your old tee, you can also make a reusable grocery bag with it. You just need to do a couple of stitches and snips and turn your unwanted t-shirt into a bag. You can also use your shrunken polo shirt and make a feminine and flattering boat neck top with it. A neglected tee can also become soft jammy shorts for your kid. 

4. Revive your sweaters 

Now, you can improvise a hand-me-down sweater with the help of gems and sequins. This will make your old sweater sparkly new. You can also highlight the neck of the sweater by putting the gems like a necklace. Besides, this you can also make a pillow with your sweater. An old sweater with raggedy sleeves can be saved by stitching its torso and making a super cuddly pillow out of it. Another thing that you can do with your old sweater is to make toasty mittens with it by just cutting shapes and sewing them together. So, these are some of the ways through which you can recycle your high-end outfits, so that you can wear them again. 

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