October, 2011 is when the internet blessed us with Instagram. Ever since then, we became totally addicted to this awesome app. Not only it is totally fun, but nowadays brands, models, social influencers make a living on Instagram. But the road to getting there is paved with tricks. It is not just about taking a picture and posting it online. It’s about making a statement!

Since our goal is for you to achieve your dream of becoming ‘big deal’ on Instagram, here we present the 3 unwritten rules of Instagram that will escalate you to the top!


You may think that the more you post, the more attention you’re attracting. Well, you’re not totally wrong. You are indeed getting all the attention, but the bad kind of attention! Everything over a picture or two per day is too much. Don’t push it. Of course, the app does allow you to post as much as you want. But you mustn’t abuse this! You know how things work; if you bore people with too many pictures, judgment is coming your way! Yes, your followers want to keep up with you, but the goal here is to show the important stuff. Not everything that goes in your stomach need to go on Instagram too!

2.  <3 FOR <3

This is the simplest rule. You get what you give! Hey, this is how life works, not just Instagram. The more hearts you give to the people you follow, the more likely are the chances of getting a heart back! If you need those numbers below the picture to go up, you need to work for it. Give the people you follow your heart. Get your phone and double-tap! A heart here, a comment there; make sure people know you’re on Instagram!



Filters to Instagram are what cheese is to macaroni!  They basically make any photo look better. But, people over use them. Filters are used so much that the hashtag nofilter encourages people to give the filters a rest! And here comes the irony. Most of the photos posted under #nofilter are actually covered in several layers of filters. Just to make the photo look natural. There is no such filter that can make your photo look more natural than the actual photo! It’s that simple!  Oh, and don’t get us wrong. No one forbids you from using filters! But when you say #nofilter, make sure there is really no filter. No means no!

Bonis tip: Don’t go over the top with hashtags! It is kind of annoying when people use hashtag #for #every #single #word. It just doesn’t make sense. Stick to one or two words that describe your photo the best. For example, #morning, #coffee. It’s totally sufficient.

Stick to these rules and soon enough you’ll be waving from the top. If there are some tricks that helped you gain more followers, please share your experience in the comments.

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