3 Instagram Don’ts for Males

3 Instagram don’ts for males

Instagram has millions of active users, who use this photo-sharing site daily. No matter, how old you are or if you are a female or a male, you would definitely be using Instagram. Both celebrities as well as common people use Instagram alike.

This social media platform is a great way to see some amazing photographs. In fact, the internet is full of articles listing how you can improve your followers, likes, and engagement on Instagram. There are a lot of dos on how to use Instagram in the best way possible.

However, with the things that you should do on Instagram, there are also some things that you should not do on Instagram. We have listed the 3 don’ts on Instagram, which are specifically for males. Have a look at the things that you must avoid doing while using Instagram.

1. Do not be too ostentatious

You should not be too flashy while using Instagram. Although, people like photographs of fast cars, it is fine to post some pictures if you own one, but do not do so if do not own one, as nobody likes a boaster. You would surely say that when Dan Bilzerian is doing good posting daily updates of his hundred-dollar bills, naked porn stars, and his guns, then why cannot you.

But let me tell you that he may have got millions of Instagram followers; you cannot impress anyone by posting photos of fancy parties and champagne.  It is a different thing if you have got front seats at a sports event. But, otherwise you should be subtle and gracious. Let other people praise you and not you. You can do it like Richard Branson, who has 263,000 followers on Instagram and is one of the world’s wealthiest men, but he still does not show off.

2. Do not post motivational quotes

When you see a lot of pictures on Instagram, you will find that at least fifty per cent of all the photos are captioned with unbearably stupid motivational quotes and waffle. Therefore, you must not do the same this. Instead, you should post something intelligent or funny.

A little sardonic humor will never hurt anyone. Through this, you can brighten up the day of one of your followers. You can see Ostrovsky’s Instagram account that has 4.1 million followers. He is quite funny and uses humorous captions very often for his posts. Even his dog, Toast, has 260,000 followers on Instagram.

3. Do not overuse filters

You may know a lot of your filters, like how Amaro is different from Perpetua, but this does not mean that you overuse the lighting settings and filters of Instagram. In fact, you must keep it natural in most of your photos, without using any filter. Just a subtle tint can do, if you want to use filter.Moreover, you can even filter a beautiful landscape, but do not filter your selfies, which should be organized carefully.

Your pictures will look cheap, so just go natural. Look how Leonardo DiCaprio, who has 830,000 followers on Instagram, does not uses filters and promotes his activism through his Instagram feed.

So, if you have just made your account on Instagram or have been around for a longer time period, you must avoid these 3 things and you will do great on Instagram.

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