2018 Short Hair Trends

Short haircuts are becoming more and more requested in salons because many women prefer cozy and stylish haircuts. Check out our list of the best short hair trends for 2018 if you have decided to cut off your locks into a fancy style. Before choosing any haircut make sure it works well with your face shape and highlights your best features. You may opt for one style and combine it with other trendy styles like adding bangs, spikes or layers. The choice is up to you; try to make it wisely.

Grown Out Pixie Haircut

The latest cool version of the pixie cut is the one with grown out bangs and side parts. This textured and voluminous haircut is more versatile and flexible for a number of stunning styles. Compared to the common pixie the grown-out one is more feminine and provides with more texture to style and play with. From color combination to wavy hairstyle ideas you are welcome to experiment with all the possible pixie hairstyles. It is a practical haircut for casual days and looks unique for special events when styled with festive touches.

Silver Pixie Hair

Another great solution for pixie haircut is the light silver or pastel blue shade. Women with this brave hairstyle grab attention and stand out in the crowd. It goes well both with dark and light skin tones and doesn’t ask eye hue. If you like you can ask your hairstylist to combine two different tones of grey and silver to achieve a more interesting effect. For example, the bangs can be dyed in a light grey tone and the rest of the hair can be colored in pure silver shade. As a result, you’ll get a trendy two-tone hair color.

Short Bob with Bangs

If before we were offered blunt bobs with blunt bangs, today we see sharp and asymmetrical bobs with matching straight bangs. This haircut is the bold version of the classic bob. It suits most face shapes but you should be careful with bangs. They are long enough and if you don’t have the matching face shape you’d better avoid bangs. All in all, the haircut is new and interesting. It is styled in the super straight style that showcases all the beauty of the cut. The stylist has combined short and long sharp cuts to achieve these modern bangs. You may keep your hair in a dark or light monotone shade considering black, dark brunette, platinum blonde and burgundy hues.

Short Tousled Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts with fly-away strands and natural-looking messy waves are the biggest hair trends for 2018. They come in various styles to please all tastes and interests. If you haven’t found the perfect short haircut for your hair yet, you may try this style. It is fun, chic and very attractive. Don’t forget about fresh hair colors.

Short Natural Hair

And here is a trendy short haircut for women with Afro-American hair type. It’s the short natural bob cut worn on tight curls. This haircut is very popular among black women. They like it because it’s cozy and stylish at the same time. Although such haircuts are not that unique for black women, stylists have found great ways to make them fancier and softer. They offer light and warm hair colors or highlights according to your skin tone and eye hue.

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