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IGMS Model Directory

We have the largest and most comprehensive database ever created for models on Instagram.

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IG Model Training and Education

We help models better understand how to market themselves to brands and allow brands to directly connect with models they’re interested in doing sponsored gigs with.

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IG Model Social Platform

Connect and communicate with other popular IG models so you can greatly expand your influence and follower count instead of relying on shady platforms that make crazy claims.

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IGMS Webpages

Beautiful webpages created for you to enhance your personal brand and show off all your assets.

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IGMS Model Directory

Get registered to the largest database of models on Instagram so your details can be searched and found by brands looking to partner.

 We have several different options for being listed on the directory.

We have a free basic version for people that have a large follower base and we also have a premium version that will help you get noticed by brands and other models.

Get listed

Fill our your information on our comprehensive form so you can be listed on the IGMS database with 10’s of thousands of other models that range from 0 – millions of followers.


Get Found

Our comprehensive database allows brands and verified parties to browse and research the data so you can be easily found. This is something that is VERY difficult for companies to do because Instagram typically relies on hashtags for searching.

Get Paid

Brands can directly connect with you and pay for sponsored posts. We can set up an entire payment portal for you that ensures that you get 100% of the profits.  We don’t take 10% – 25% like many typical agencies.

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IGMS Branding Development

Building a strong personal brand is the cornerstone to your IG modeling success.

Helping models on Instagram and other social media platforms is our forte.  Let us get you started on the platform so you can start posting the right things and connecting with the right people.

Grow your social Influence

We help you identify the key ways you can uniquely differentiate yourself from other models so you can grow your following and influence.

Post better

We can help link you up with professional photographers and offer ways to make your posts attract the right audience.

Want to get started?  It’s simple.

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Instagram is great for getting people to follow your posts, but it’s bad for communication and collaboration.

Our brand new social media site is set up so you can friend and communicate with any other member so you can work out collaborations and friend other models. There are private messages and public so you can make sure all your data is hidden if you want to keep it hidden.

Keep a beautiful gallery

Show off your content to brands and your modeling friends to get their feedback.  We can also let you know if we feel they will perform well on IG.


Message models and brand members

Connect in real time with groups or on a one to one basis with other models through private or public chat.

Grow friends and followers

Reach out to models and have them perform shoutouts so you can get accelerated exposure on Instagram.

Learn useful information

You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of marketing and modeling through Instagram.


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IGMS Webpages

Custom built beautiful webpages to show off your beautiful assets.

Getting a following through social media is a great start, but there’s more to creating a sustainable personal brand.

Having a beautiful webpage for yourself isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.  We’ll work with you to create a fully functional hosted webpage that will knock the socks off people browsing for you.

Below are just a couple of the features that we can build into your page.

Custom Beautiful Portfolios

Proudly display your images in full scale for the world to see or make private for only invited people.

Manage your videos

Store all of your videos from youtube, vimeo, or directly from our server.

Mobile Ready Application

Since everyone is on their phone, you need to make sure you have an app! We’ll build you an app to compliment your page.

Work with brands and get paid

Attach your E-Commerce products right to your own site and sell them directly or sell sponsored posts

Connect with fans

We’ll link all of your social media and can even integrate all your posts into your custom page.

Get realtime data

See how many and from where people are accessing your website and app.

Keep all your content safely in the Cloud

Present your cherished content in one site with 99.99% up-time using our IGMS cloud servers.

Easily connect your instagram feed to your IGMS Model Page.

We make it super easy to attach your instagram content right into the page.

Manage Schedule

We’ll hook you up with a booking calendar so you’re always aware of engagements.

Secure Database

Show only the content you want to show to certain people.

Complete Customization

Our team will work with you until your happy with the look and feel.

Grow your fan base

Have your fans visit your site instead of your social media so you can increase your personal brand and influence.

Want to learn more about creating a custom built webpage for yourself?

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About IGMS

We've devoted several years to create a suite of tools to help models leverage their social media influence and help facilitate sponsored gig.

Social Platforms we work with

We work with all of the major social media sites to ensure you're maximizing your personal brand.

Model Testimonials

Check out some of the models we've worked with.

We pride ourselves by our happy customers.

I was able to get a some gigs with IGMS and they were extremely professional with making sure that everything was done correctly.

La Reina


Getting on the database was great for getting all my information to the right people without needing to publish my personal information for the world to see.

Rebecca J

IGMS Model

I love being able to interact with my own group of modeling friends through IGMS.  It’s definintely better than trying to converse through instagram.

Jacob B.


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IGMS Timeline

We've been at this for a while.


Here's some stuff we've been working on 🙂

Check out some of our latest projects.

July - 2013

Project Management

Infrastructure and project management for the fifth biggest insurance company in Belgium.

July - 2013

Project Management

Infrastructure and project management for the fifth biggest insurance company in Belgium.

July - 2013

Project Management

Infrastructure and project management for the fifth biggest insurance company in Belgium.

July - 2013

Project Management

Infrastructure and project management for the fifth biggest insurance company in Belgium.

July - 2013

Project Management

Infrastructure and project management for the fifth biggest insurance company in Belgium.

July - 2013

Project Management

Infrastructure and project management for the fifth biggest insurance company in Belgium.

IGMS News and Tips

Check out our latest news and articles from our blog and IGModel News.

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What’s better than sexy British girls? Sexy British girls who aren’t afraid to flaunt their stunning bodies in revealing lingerie. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Lingerie Models From The UK On Instagram. 1. ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY This Brit Barbie has become a main...

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Top 10 British Models On Instagram

Today we’re giving you the lowdown of 10 of the sexiest brits in the United Kingdom. They’re beautiful, talented, successful, and oh yes; they have that seductive British accent that will make you swoon. Anxious? Well, we won’t keep you waiting. Feel free to weigh in...

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Meet the Gorgeous Goofball, Bethany Armstrong

Before you are able to make fun of yourself, you need to secure a high level of confidence first. This is something that the outgoing and goofy Bethany Armstrong has accomplished for herself. A quick look at her Instagram account is enough to show anybody how fun...

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Beauty Trends for Your Next Posts

Beauty trends change in the same way that people’s tastes change. As an online model, you will consistently come across the challenge of keeping up with these trends and sharing them to your followers. Here are some of the season’s hottest trends that you can try for...

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Social Media Engagement Tips for Influencers

Being a social media influencer is surely a profitable Idea, but before you make money out of this kind of career, you will need to learn all about the field and see how you can do to increase your chance for success. The different challenges that you will encounter...

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Top 10 Internet Models On Instagram From Canada

Instagram has made us all into photographers; however, there a still a few people out there especially talented in capturing the magnificent things around us on camera. We all can see wonderful things happening around us but not all of us have what it takes to capture...

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Top 10 Amazing Abs On Instagram From Los Angeles

Healthy, strong, gorgeous, and gaining popularity. There are certainly a lot of things that can make you either envy or admire these 10 fitness males in Los Angeles. These guys will give you the push you need to drag yourself to the gym, eat healthily, and maybe even...

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Lexis Heron: Yogini, Model, and Spokeswoman

Lexis is a 22-year-old from Canada, and she is definitely someone to watch out for. Anybody who checks out her Instagram account would agree that this young lady is not only pretty. She also has a great personality that gives off an approachable and relatable aura....

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Reach Greater Heights with Leonard Trujillo

Despite being in a great place in in his life, Leonard Trujillo is aiming for another goal: to become an Instagram model and an online endorser. This goal started when he was getting into the fitness game. Gone are the days when this man is an unknown entity in the...

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